Reduce Downtime with SensrTrx

Downtime is a big problem for manufactures. Whether that downtime is caused by planned maintenance, tool breaks, adjustments or bathroom breaks. Every minute a machine is not running represents lost revenue for the company. We talk a lot about Overall Equipment Effectiveness, the benefits of measuring OEE and using it in process improvement projects. As you[…]

Manufacturing Analytics vs Tableau

Manufacturing Analytics vs Tableau

Most manufacturers realize if they had the right data they could improve their manufacturing operations. Every manufacturing company wants to make a high quality product, as quickly and cost effectively as they can. Having the right data on production processes can help improve quality, update and increase throughput. “If you can’t measure it, you can’t[…]

Get Control of Your Schedule

SensrTrx was created to solve very specific problems. Our founder Bryan Sapot has worked in manufacturing technology for 18 years building custom software and implementing ERP systems.Over those 18 years he noticed something. Almost every manufacturer that implemented a new ERP system struggled with the same core issues. On Time Scheduling Inventory Accuracy Quality Production[…]