KepwareST. LOUIS, M., October 2016 – SensrTrx is now an IoT Alliance partner of Kepware which allows us to deliver a fully configured manufacturing analytics system in less than 1 day. 

Manufacturing companies all over the world love Kepware, it is easy to use and supports every major protocol and PLC device found in a manufacturing plant. With Kepware you can quickly and easily collect data and store it in a database. Now that you have all that data you need to USE IT.

There are a lot of solutions out there to report on the data Kepware collects. You can use Excel, Tableau or any other business intelligence tool. These are good options but have their drawbacks: First, they are reactive tools; they are designed to look at history not what is happening now. So you lose the ability to react and fix problems as they happen. Second, they lack context, as we discussed in another post sensor data, which is meaningless without context.  Finally, you need someone in IT or who is proficient in those tools to set up and maintain them which can be costly.

What companies need is an easy to use Manufacturing Analytics package like SensrTrx. SensrTrx provides context, data cleansing, automatic calculations, and role-based dashboards out of the box.

Kepware & SensrTrx – Get Results Now!

Because SensrTrx is an IoT Alliance partner of Kepware we can deliver a fully configured manufacturing analytics system in less than 1 day. On the first day, you will have real-time OEE, scrap rates, cycle times, and many other manufacturing KPIs to help run your business.

Anyone in the organization can use your manufacturing data can and be limited to only what they need to do their job. SensrTrx focuses on the Right Data, at the Right Time to the Right People. So your users are not digging through mountains of data.


Kepware is an amazing product that allows you to gather data from your manufacturing plant, combined with SensrTrx you can have actionable data to improve your business. SensrTrx can typically be implemented in less than one day and users trained in about an hour. Make all the data you are collecting work for you.

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