Managed Integration Services

Fully Leverage Your Data to and from SensrTrx

Make the Most of Your ERP System

Map scheduling and job data from your ERP and automatically sync from SensrTrx for every production run. Report production and scrap counts to provide plant performance cost in your ERP in real-time. 



Production Counts

Scrap Counts



Part Data

Standard Cycle Times​

Production Schedule​


Provide an up-to-date view of progress against your production schedules.

Realtime Production

Send automatic production reporting to your ERP for historical and finance reporting.


Automate SensrTrx job production records and skip manual setup of parts and cycle times in SensrTrx.

Support For These Popular ERP Systems and More

Integrate Your Data For Good

Use SensrTrx Algorithms

Make evidence-based decisions every day and use SensrTrx notifications and alerts to inform your integrated systems of changes.

Store Data in the Cloud

Store your manufacturing data safely in the cloud. Use SensrTrx to push the data wherever you choose.

Integrate to your ERP

From the cloud, SensrTrx can provide near real-time data to most major ERPs. Extend the visibility of your plant to all levels of your organization.

Automate Processes

Use SensrTrx data to create notifications and automate tasks such as preventative maintenance checks and quality control audits.

Empower Your CMMS Platform

Integrate SensrTrx with your CMMS for up-to-the-minute condition-based maintenance. Track machine cycle data for predictive algorithms. 



Send Alarms/Events

Report Realtime Cycles

Provide Timely Runtime




Cycles Meter Reading​

Run Time Meter Reading​ 


Trend Reporting

Provide production and process data by machine for CMMS trend reporting.

Trigger Alarms

Configure Trigger alarms in your CMMS for condition-based maintenance based on downtime, scrap or meter readings.

Maintenance Records

View relevant maintenance data in SensrTrx to validate performance.

Featured Support for CMMS Systems

Need to Integrate?

No matter the scale of your implementation, SensrTrx can vertically integrate with critical systems. Have any questions?