Planner & Scheduler

Being a scheduler or a planner in a manufacturing company can be very hard. You often have to take data from one system, transfer it to the next, and organize the plant’s day to day schedule using manual methods. But, with SensrTrx, you don’t have to rely on complex, over-complicated approaches.

We give you the ability to pull that data from your ERP or spreadsheet, import it into SensrTrx, make changes depending on the needs of the plant that day or week, and immediately communicate that schedule to the factory floor.

And, you get real-time information about where production at any given time.

How Will Manufacturing Analytics Make My Job Easier?

  • Establish better standards to understand actual changeover time, cycle time, and scrap rates
  • Schedule production more accurately
  • Understand the true capacity of machines
  • Determine where to run and where and assign jobs to operators 
  • Collect real-time feedback of where production stands at any given time 
  • See how jobs are progressing and how much product still needs to be made

Resources Created Just for You

The Problem With Scheduling and What To Do About It

The traditional production planning method in an ERP is too rigid and in Excel, is too outdated. How a production schedule is created and distribution could be vastly improved. 

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Short Demo: Scheduling

Production scheduling doesn’t have to be complex or tedious. The SensrTrx Schedule and Work Management Module provides visibility and accountability.

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Case Study: Tacony

Using SensrTrx, Tacony was able to calculate the standard output needed to be met every week to reduce the backlog. These efforts enabled the company to reduce a 14-week backlog to gain half a million dollars in revenue.

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The Ultimate Guide to Selling to Your Boss

“We need to buy this software because…” To really sell the product you believe in to your boss, there are 4 things you need to know before the conversation: Is there a need? What are the commitments? Who owns it? What’s the ROI?

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What is SensrTrx?

How Will SensrTrx Help in Other Areas of the Company?


Get a complete understanding of how the plant is running.

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VP of Operations

Focus on tangible, hard data to make decisions.

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Plant Manager

Get visibility into the plant, department by department.

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Production Manager

Eliminate manual reporting and determine if production is on schedule or not.

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Continuous Improvement

Find the problems, determine how to fix them, and make sure they stay fixed.

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Quality Manager

Determine where failures are occurring and why, in real-time.

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IT Executive

Ensure software is flexible, scalable, and above all else, secure.

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Manufacturing or Process Engineer

Stop tracking manually, find the problem areas, and fix them with data.

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Move from calendar-based maintenance to condition-based maintenance.

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