Reduce Downtime with SensrTrx

Every Minute a Machine Is Not Running Represents Lost Revenue

Track Availability

Availability measures the amount of time the machine is running compared to the planned schedule. You have to measure it to reduce downtime. To determine the Availability of a machine or cell SensrTrx collects and calculates downtime using alarms and other signals directly from the controls or PLCs on the equipment. SensrTrx can also augment this information with input from operators or supervisors.

Track All Stops by Reason

This includes short stops or micro stoppages as well. Short stops are stoppages that would not normally be recorded by the operator, for example if a small adjustment needed to be made that took less the 5 minutes. However, these short stops can happen many times a day and add up to significant numbers. Including:

  1. Number of downtime events by reason
  2. Total duration in minutes
  3. Average duration in minutes

Other Solutions That Help Your Business 

Increase Throughput & Performance

Easily measure your actual cycle times and compare them against the standard. Identify bottlenecks and track cycle time improvements. Set up alerts when performance is higher or lower than normal.

Increase Throughput 

Improve Quality & Determine Root Cause

To calculate quality of a part, SensrTrx collects part counts and reason codes directly from the PLCs, sensors, or operators. Use dashboards to help determine the most common causes of scrap.

Improve Quality 

Correlate Process Data With Downtime & Scrap 

Process data can affect downtime, quality, and throughput. If you correlate that data to the corresponding issues such as downtime and scrap, you will know exactly when an issue occurred.

Correlate Process Data


Track & Analyze Downtime

SensrTrx offers Pareto Charts out of the box to help determine common causes of downtime and allows you to track trends in your data to see over time how the plant is running.

Determine the What, Why, Who and When of all your downtime.

Using trends, you can easily see the effect of changes over time. You will also see when downtime is increasing or decreasing and enable you to take action to resolve the issues.

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