Prove the ROI of Your Machines

Below is a short overview of how SensrTrx OEM Analytics can help you prove ROI to your customers.


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Auto Forecasting 

Use customer data to plan your purchasing, production planning, and sales order process in your ERP system.


Build Better Machines

See objectively what machines are used and what features will offer customers the most value.


Provide Better Customer Service

See how you can provide better service to your customers with SensrTrx.

Get Real-Time Visibility with SensrTrx

What is the total cost of ownership and return on investment of your machines and solutions? What if you could provide exact details on the value of your machines based on hard, quantifiable data?

SensrTrx helps your sales team sell better than ever before by equipping them with that exact data. Allow them to differentiate your machines and services from the competition. Learn more about what SensrTrx can do below.

See how you can get started.