Reducing a 14-Week Backlog to Gain Half a Million Dollars in Revenue

See How Tacony Achieved a 9x Return on Investment

Tacony implemented a crawl, walk, run strategy to increase efficiency at their plants around the country. By thinking outside of the box, they were able to improve productivity and generate revenue in both operations and distribution.

“The real-time tracking towards a goal will tell you how many you’ve completed, and there;s a constant measurement of goal tracking. You know from the minute you press the start button in the morning if you’re tracking towards your goal.”

Ben Wohlschlaeger, Business Process Optimization Manager

“In 9 months, we’ve gained about half a million dollars of unrealized revenue.”


“What we’ve gained is a balance in the labor to the work and not to overproduce if not necessary.”

Nick Hinman, Director of Supply Chain and Business Operations