St. Louis Business Standout, Tony Spielberg, Joins SensrTrx as Chief Business Development Officer

ST. LOUIS, Mo., March 11, 2020 – The leader in manufacturing analytics software, SensrTrx, has welcomed Tony Spielberg as the Chief Business Development Officer.

He brings vast experience in manufacturing, sales engagement, business operations, and business development to his new role at SensrTrx. As the former CEO of BCI Packaging, Spielberg’s primary focus at SensrTrx will be on building relationships and connecting opportunities with existing and future customers.

“Tony and I have known each other for years,” Bryan Sapot, CEO of SensrTrx said, “and I was very impressed with his success at BCI and other companies. Few people have Tony’s experience in manufacturing and we are lucky to have him on our team.”

Spielberg is no stranger to the world of business development. During his tenure at BCI, he helped to grow the company in a way that created meaningful work for its employees, both driving growth in the community and increasing revenue. Prior to that, Spielberg provided extensive leadership and strategic planning expertise to companies throughout the St. Louis region.

“I am thrilled to be joining Bryan and the SensrTrx team to help lead the revolution in manufacturing analytics which will, in turn, enable manufacturers to have real visibility into their factory floor,” Spielberg says of his new opportunity.

As a lifelong businessman, he has helped to grow multiple companies throughout his career. His success will no doubt continue by helping provide visibility on the factory floor for manufacturers.

“He will be an excellent addition to our SensrTrx team and will surely have a massive impact on the trajectory of our organization.” Sapot added, “I look forward to seeing what Tony will accomplish in the coming months.”

About SensrTrx
SensrTrx is a manufacturing analytics platform that provides visibility into the data from machines, devices, and people and puts it all into context. SensrTrx is revolutionizing manufacturing by offering a complete solution from sensors to data collection to analytics that provides real-time insights into the productivity of the factory. Those insights give a manufacturer the ability to reduce costs, ensure customer on-time delivery, and improve quality.

SensrTrx enables companies to start small, think big, move fast and easily grow from a single machine at one plant to thousands of machines across the globe with manufacturing analytics.

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