How Can SensrTrx Help You

Use SensrTrx to reduce downtime, increase quality and capacity

Decrease Downtime

At it’s most basic SensrTrx can help a company understand when and why their machines are not running. SensrTrx can use process timers and machine alarms to calculate the most comment downtime reasons. For example, the longest downtime reason and how long it takes to restart the equipment. This information can be used to adjust staffing of a department or cell, justify machine upgrades and more frequent preventative maintenance.

SensrTrx can also track and monitor slow cycles and short stops uncovering areas for improvement that can add up to a lot of increased capacity.

Discover how to decrease downtime with SensrTrx.

Increased Quality

Using reason codes to categorize why a part was rejected can help quality and process engineers understand how and why parts are being scrapped. Using this information maintenance can make adjustments to the machines to reduce scrap. Engineering can change part of the process or program to correct the errors before they happen.

Discover how to improve Quality with SensrTrx.

Increase Capacity & Throughput

SensrTrx can monitor and calculate cycle times in real time. It can also aggregate and average this data over periods of time to give the user a true understanding of how long it takes to make a part. Using this information and comparing the actual cycle time against the machine rating or the demised cycle time for a process can uncover unrealized capacity.

Better Data = Better Planning

Finally collecting more consistent accurate data allows for better planning. Knowing your true cycle times enables schedules and costing to be more accurate. Understanding scrap rates can help purchasing order the right amount of raw material.