Throughout my career, I’ve built products and leveraged technology to solve problems just like this. With the evolution and growth of things like cloud technology, big data storage, and lightweight development technologies there’s finally an opportunity for manufacturers to get the data they want in a way that is easy to access and understand, but no one had built a platform for them to do it…

That’s why I created SensrTrx. SensrTrx is a cloud-based manufacturing analytics platform designed to collect & display the equipment data that manufacturers want to see in simple, pre-configured dashboards. SensrTrx provides manufacturers actionable information that can help them prevent costly errors and make more profitable decisions.

SensrTrx will change manufacturing because…
– It is not a major implementation and is way more affordable than current software
– Non-technical people can use it and understand the information
– Operations stakeholders can use the dashboards to make decisions that will immediately impact revenue

I started SensrTrx because I believed it would provide a simple and inexpensive way for manufacturers to make the profit-driving decisions in their business. The response I’ve received has been unprecedented. I’m currently working with select businesses that are interested in our solution and would like to join our beta program for Q1 and Q2 2016. 

“We turn data into information and information into insight” – Bryan