Versatech recently implemented a company-wide initiative aimed at using data to improve manufacturing performance and reduce reliance on overtime work. Their continuous improvement department was a part of this initiative and was able to successfully leverage their new centralized data to get off of paper and streamline processes.

“One of the biggest benefits for us was the amount of data entry that we eliminated”

Nichole Walters (Continuous Improvement Engineer)

Versatech leveraged SensrTrx to centralize the data they needed without a costly implementation or added complexity to any current systems. The full results of their implementation and the project can be seen in the manufacturing analytics case study highlighting their success.

Below is the summarized account of Continuous Improvement Engineer, Nichole Walters, on the project. Further information can be found in the official case study, conducted by SensrTrx and Versatech.

How Did Versatech Use the New Centralized Data?

One of the big areas of improvement for Versatech was putting in time for contract manufacturing and looking at tooling and spend per piece. Looking at total production numbers and comparing against tooling to know what they are spending per piece. There was a lot of great optimization that could be done with this information.

What Benefits Were Achieved Through Centralizing the Data and Getting Off of Paper?

  • Much, much less data entry
    • For tooling as an example, Versatech used to have to pull each production report and sum values. This was a big-time saver on data entry.
  • Versatech was able to achieve a major reduction in errors.
  • No more entering 21 shifts worth of data.

What was the Highlight of Using SensrTrx?

Overall, the highlight was being able to see the trends in data and being able to access this data at any time in easy-to-use dashboards. Versatech used to look at trends by using Excel; looking at 12-month rolling averages. SensrTrx has made this significantly better/easier.

What are the Future Plans for SensrTrx at Versatech?

  • Email subscriptions for shift end reports
  • Even more sophisticated data from machines that could further help improve OEE