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Throughput EfficiencyPerformance or throughput of a machine, cell or production line is extremely important to a manufacturer’s ability meet their schedules and deliver to their customers on time.  It is also an important factor in controlling cost, if the company cannot meet its production goals for each shift they will have to schedule unplanned overtime shifts.

We talk a lot about Overall Equipment Effectiveness, the benefits of measuring OEE and using it in process improvement projects. As you know OEE is made up of 3 basic components

Performance measures the actual cycle time vs. the ideal cycle time. To calculate performance SensrTrx collects part or product counts from the machines and compares them against the ideal cycle time in the system. This data is collected directly from the existing controls and PLCs on the machine or production line.

1-Minute Demo: Increase Capacity

Use SensrTrx to identify bottlenecks and increase capacity and throughput on the line.

Throughput by Shift

Users can look at throughput and performance by shift to look for opportunities for improvement. Many times different shifts run machines and production lines slower or faster than others. One shift will figure out how to do something better or faster but neglect to share it with the other shift leaders. Using the data companies can find the opportunities to share knowledge and improve performance.

Performance Trends

With manufacturing data and especially performance data it is all about the trend. Is the line getting faster or slower or has the bottleneck moved? SensrTrx allows you to track trends in your data so you can see over time how your plant is running. Using trends, you can easily see the effect of process or system changes over the long term.

Performance Alerts

Using SensrTrx, a user can easily set up alerts when cycle times or throughput are higher or lower than normal. These alerts can notify any employee that can benefit from this information, maintenance, supervisors, or the operator of a line.



SensrTrx allows manufacturing companies to collect and analyze data in a way that was not possible a few years ago. Companies no longer have to rely on paper, Microsoft Excel, or complicated ERP systems to analyze data from the plant floor.

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