Achieve Success with SensrTrx Manufacturing Analytics 

Manufacturing analytics is vital to the factory floor. In order to achieve success, software adoption, implementation, and employee engagement need to be embedded in the process. At SensrTrx, we make it our goal to walk you through, one step at a time, to ensure success with manufacturing analytics.

Implementing Manufacturing Analytics

Where does the SensrTrx Manufacturing Analytics journey begin and how do you get started?

Manufacturing analytics begins with getting to know you, your company, and the goals you want to achieve. Prior to implementation, we’ll work together to create a plan for success.

We place a strong emphasis on coaching you through our methods step by step. We understand implementing manufacturing analytics logistically involves training, installing hardware, and support, but the process is heavily focused on support for a reason.

We also offer remote implementations for manufacturers needing real-time visibility, remotely. Learn more here. 

Technology is beneficial on its own, but when combined with human support, coaching, and education, software becomes less of a tool and more of a solution to accomplishing goals.

Our methodology has been developed and improved over time to ensure you’re given the best support possible. The implementation team coaches and helps you along to ensure your goals are achieved.

Step by Step, We’ll Walk You Through Implementation

Coaching and Weekly Team Meetings are a Key to Success

The implementation team will coach you through every step along the way – you will not be without a guide or resource at any point. We stress the importance of coaching because it’s the #1 indicator of successfully implementing manufacturing analytics software.

Weekly or bi-weekly calls will occur to help guarantee everything is running smoothly throughout implementation and ensure you’re on track. During these calls, you can ask any questions or discuss next steps.

The entire implementation process is designed to work in two phases:

Phase One: Implementing manufacturing analytics on a few machines, lines, or cells

Phase Two: Giving you the power to scale and build on your success from phase 1

The two phases support our “Start Small, Think Big, Move Fast” methodology. Essentially this means – start with a small number of machines to get an understanding of how SensrTrx can help you, set new goals as you go along, and move to implement widespread adoption across the floor or in additional plants. 

Our team of experts will help you understand how SensrTrx will work for you, every step of the way. 

Start Small, Think Big, Move Fast

Manufacturing analytics can help improve efficiency on the factory floor, all while increasing profitability. You can count on the SensrTrx team to help you achieve success with manufacturing analytics.